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DIY Kawaii Clock



Another way to use our cutest and tastiest playbook to decorate your house! Personalize it your way with all the different foods and shapes plus a ton of multi colored dots.




Clock center

Kawaii Decals


Optional: String or strip of paper


Step 1:


Cut out decals and lay them out in the clock format. Using the Treat Yo Self playbook, I tried two different clocks, and settled with fruit.


Step 2:

Stick the clock face on the wall. I used a self-sticking clock face from oriental trading. You can also use regular clock faces and use 3M strips or a nail.


Step 3:

Using the second hand of the clock, put the 4 main decals (12, 3, 6, 9) at equal distances from the second hand. Optionally- you can use string or a paper strip to measure the distance from the center of the clock to get them spaced correctly.


Step 4:

I winged this step a bit, but when putting the dots between to mark the other times, I used the string/paper strip to get them at the correct distance from the center, and spaced them out equally from the larger decals. Pick any colors your want! Rainbow, two colors, a single color etc.


Step 5:

Set the time and enjoy!

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