Pantone Potluck


To celebrate all of our March birthdays we had a Pantone Potluck! What is a Pantone Potluck you ask?

Our design team uses Pantone colors to make sure that our designs and product correctly portray current trends and have color accuracy. Artist Alison Anselot inspired us to use Pantone colors for  our March potluck theme with her Pantone photo collection with a focus on food.




We each picked a pantone color at random and had to design a dish inspired by our color.


The Rules:

  1. You may make, prepare or bring in any edible dish that consists of at minimum 50% of your chosen color.
  2. There are no specific ingredients required or limit on ingredients used to create your dish.
  3. Be CREATIVE! No Limits to what you used or how you use it… as long as it’s edible!


The winners of the challenge were:

1st Place –

Dish that closest matches your chosen Pantone standard wins! Spectrophotometers will be used in determining the winner (as a reminder, your dish must consist of 50% of your chosen color.)

Color: 101C – Bright Yellow

Two Entries: Mac N Cheese with Turmeric and Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream and Peeps

Prize: coolest Ninja Turtles Lunchbox


2nd Place –

Goes to best presentation! Your dish may not taste the greatest, but it sure looks GORGEOUS! Creativity is a must!

Color: 426 C – Almost Black

Entry: Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries

Name: Troll Sign

Notes: Edible but regrettable – fun presentation to explain the mishaps of adding water-based food dye to chocolate

3rd Place –

BEST Tasting! This challenge is not necessarily all about mouthwatering foods, but it can still win you a marvelous prize!

Color: 478 C – Dark Rich Brown with a hint of red

Entry: Brownies with a Cherry Coke Caramel Glaze


Check out the rest of our tasty potluck below!













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