Welcome to Instructions 101.


Paper Riot™ is super easy—and even easier when you keep a few tips in mind. First, make sure you’ve got a good spot picked out. For example, clean, smooth painted surfaces with a semi-gloss or eggshell paint work best. Flat paint works too, just be a little more careful when it is time to remove. Decals also work well on most painted wood, tiles and stainless steel, but may not work on dirty, porous, dusty, stone, chalk-like or textured surfaces. Try to steer clear of surfaces exposed to prolonged heat or moisture, like near a stove or shower. It is a good idea to test in a small area first and make sure to wait 21 days before use on newly painted surfaces.

What you'll need:

Step One

Here’s where the fun starts. Choose the decals you want and position the decals on the wall where you think they look best. Use a level or tape measure to keep things straight. Or, intentionally make it wonky. Totally your call.

Step Two

Peel decal away from backing. Starting with one side (or the other), guide the decal across the surface, pressing gently.

Step Three

Use your hand to smooth out any air pockets by starting from the middle and slowly moving outward.

Step Four

Repeat until all decals are up. If they aren’t sticking firmly, use the flat edge of a credit card, or similar item, to carefully smooth out the surface of the decal.

OH, AND ONE FINAL NOTE: Our decals have been tested for application and removal from multiple surfaces in varying conditions. Paper Riot Co.TM will not be held liable for any difficulty encountered in the removal of this product or any damage that arises from the use of this product. This product may not stick to all surfaces.

How-To Video