Valentines Day Ideas

Donut Bouquet


Looking for a delicious way to show your Valentine (or Galentine) how much you love them? Here are the details on a cute way to put your giftee into a sugar coma.


Supplies Needed:


Floral foam

6 Bamboo skewers



6 donuts

A printable donut tag Click here to download


Step 1: Insert foam into jar/vase

Secure the foam in the base of the jar or vase firmly. It is going to be holding a lot of weight, so make sure it is snug.


Step 2: Cut Skewers

Keep 3 skewers longer, but cut 2 shorter, and 1 even shorter (all depends on the jar/vase height). Make sure the shortest one is a donut-length higher than the rim of the vase/jar.


Step 3: Skewer the donuts and put in the jar

Skewer the donuts through the hole and while holding the jar firmly, place each skewer in the vase/jar. Make sure you keep holding it until you complete step 4.


Step 4: Stuff vase/jar with tissue

To help balance the weight of the donuts, push tissue into the vase/jar to keep the skewers firmly in place. Place one piece loosely on top to keep it looking cute.


Step 5: Tie ribbon around the vase/Jar and ta-dah!

Wrap the ribbon around the jar/vase and attach one of the printable donut tags.  Gift away!


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