Giving Back

Urban Roots Volunteer Event


Humble brag alert!

We here at Paper Riot Co. are all about giving back.

A few times every year, Paper Riot, along with our sister company, Cadence Packaging Group (Haven’t heard of ‘em? You should check it out! Cadence Packaging Group), take part in Social Justice activities as a way of contributing to and staying active in our communities- both near and far.

In the past, we have donated pajamas to juvenile cancer patients Sweet Dreams For Kids, have assembled meals for Feed My Starving Children, have contributed to Doctors without Borders, and so much more!

On May 3rd of this year, Paper Riot and Cadence had the amazing opportunity of working with a local non-profit organization, Urban Roots:

“[Urban Roots’ mission] is to cultivate and empower youth through nature, healthy food, and community […] Since 1997, Urban Roots has provided paid internships to youth on the East Side of Saint Paul […] Youth interns develop leadership, entrepreneurial, and life skills through our Market Garden, Conservation, and Cook Fresh Programs.” Urban Roots

Paper Riot and Cadence teams spent the day with Urban Roots doing garden prep, helping set the foundation- both literally and figuratively- for 2 of their garden locations.

Paper Riot Co. believes the opportunity to volunteer even just a little bit of our time or our resources goes a long way, and helps ensure a strong, stable, and unified community. It brings comfort, happiness, and relief to those in need, and is always a self-gratifying and soul-fulfilling experience. (Talk about a win/win!)

If you want to learn more about Urban Roots, or happen to be in the Minnesota metropolitan area and would like to lend a hand, check ‘em out at!

And, heck, maybe you’re not in or from our neck of the woods, but feel inspired to become more active in your local community (or even globally!) A quick Google search goes a long way! Even better: check out for a number of awesome, ongoing opportunities. (You’re welcome).

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