Add a Burst of Happiness to your Day


We are so lucky (and sometimes unlucky) that Paper Riot Co. is based out of Minneapolis, MN.  This means our ‘springtime’ often takes us on a wild journey ranging from cruel snowstorms to extreme heat.  Less than a month ago, Minneapolis residents received an unwelcome dose of over a foot of snow.

Photo Credit: Star Tribune

And less than four weeks later, we were able to hit the lakes with blue skies, a light breeze and a balmy 85 degrees.  Regardless of the weather, we love to find and share creative ways to brighten your days….we certainly need it in Minnesota!  Download these adorable free phone and desktop screensavers to make sure you are surrounded with something cheerful….even if you are still scraping ice off your car in May!
Kawaii Phone or Desktop Wallpaper

Click here to download Phone Wall Paper

Click here to download Desktop Wall Paper

If you are an avid Paper Riot Co. fan, you may experience a little de ja vu with this pattern.  Don’t worry, you aren’t going crazy!  The cute kawaii characters are taken from our Treat Yo’ Self Decal Collection!

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