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Quick Organization Idea: Pretty Chalkboard Grocery List

Shopping lists are amazing. When you remember to bring them with you to the store, that is. And then to figure out where in your purse it’s buried itself in your purse… yeah, not ideal. Enter the fun Paper Riot … View More

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DIY Project Idea: Upcycled Vintage Ski Coat Rack

Last summer, I ran across some fun old water skis at a vintage garage sale. I had no idea what I’d end up doing with them, but clearly for 10 bucks for the set they needed to come home with … View More

DIY Project Ideas, Easy Organization Ideas

Organization Idea: Organize Your Closet with Chalkboard Labels

This is a guest post from contributor Jen Biswas. Thanks, Jen, for such a great idea!  Hi everyone! I’m Jen. I run the little shop, Paisley + Sparrow, and blog about fashion, being a mom, DIY projects and tons more. When it … View More