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Organization Idea: Organize Your Closet with Chalkboard Labels


This is a guest post from contributor Jen Biswas. Thanks, Jen, for such a great idea! 

Hi everyone! I’m Jen. I run the little shop, Paisley + Sparrow, and blog about fashion, being a mom, DIY projects and tons more. When it comes to my home, I love it when everything is organized – especially closets! I’ve organized both my closet and my husband’s (he’s so lucky, isn’t he? Haha!) and knew when we got pregnant that I’d want an organized closet for our son, Roy.


My brother and husband built the shelving system and I got to work organizing. The top row of clothes are clothes that are too big for Roy and the bottom rack has clothes that currently fit him. That way it’s easy for me to see if I’m in need of any clothes for the next size so I can keep my eyes open when I’m out shopping!


I picked up the white bins at Target to hold all of the stuff that comes with having a baby. Who knew they needed so much stuff?!


Initially I didn’t have labels on them and I was constantly having to pull them out to remember which bin had boogie wipes and which one had bibs. It was pretty annoying!


When I found Paper Riot’s Chalkboard Garden Decals, I knew they’d be perfect for the bins! Some of the bins stay the same with what’s inside them (like the health and bib ones) but others change as he grows (like the size 0-3 pajama bin is now the 3-6 pajama bin).

Paper Riot Label Decals

It’s been super easy to wipe them off and write the new name on the label. And now I know exactly what’s in each bin without having to pull them off the shelf!   Paper Riot Label Decals

I’m excited to use the labels in more places in my home, like my kitchen and storage closet. Try them out, I know you’ll love them!

Get your own chalkboard labels from Target here!