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Quick Project Idea: Dress up a Metal Pot


Ever had the cutest little metal pot or container and thought it needed a little something extra? Us too. And the fun little bit of extra added flair these arrow decals added took less than 5 minutes. Really. It would have taken only 3, but the first arrow we applied was slightly off-center. Thank goodness they’re removable, so it was no sweat to fix. Those of us with severe OCD sincerely appreciate that sweet little feature.

Peel and Stick Decals on Metal Pot Peel and Stick Metal Plant Pot

Supplies you’ll need:
Paper Riot Follow Your Arrow Wall Decals
A cool metal pot or planter

Step 1: First, you’ll need to remove any gunk. 
Wipe the surface of the metal pot using a damp cloth, then allow to completely dry. This will remove any gunk. And yes, gunk is a real thing.

Step 2: Next, you’ll apply your first decal.
Gently peel one arrow from the playbook and adhere it to the pot. OCD sufferers – rejoice! Should the decal have been applied slightly off center (as ours was), there’s no need to twitch. Simply peel it up gently and reapply. Easy peezy.

Peel and Stick Metal Plant Pot Peel and Stick Metal Plant Pot

Step 3: Next, you’ll apply the other decal.
Gently peel the second arrow from the playbook and adhere it, crossing over the first. Again, if it’s not positioned correctly it’s no sweat. Gently peel and reapply. Perfection!

Paper Riot Co. Follow Your Arrow Decal Project Idea

Step 4: Set your newly adorned plant somewhere it’s going to get the perfect amount of sun.
Okay, so you should read any plant care instructions carefully before choosing its final destination. It turns out that those little plastic tabs they stick into the dirt aren’t just optional suggestions.

Happy adorning – Get Your Riot On.