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Quick Project Idea: Gold Dots Heart Design Mug


Gold in home decor has definitely made a comeback (in case you haven’t noticed)! And, when you toss in a fun bit of DIY and creativity, you can create some pretty crafty, fun gifts!

Take this fun succulent mug, for instance. Right now, succulents are “the” super fun, pretty little plant that’s totally hot in home decor. Like, to the point of obsession by many. They’re super easy to plant, and even easier to care for, so go for it! Before you go on your succulent collecting spree, you may wish to check out our Plants & Gardening Pinterest Board for some great tips on planting & caring for succulents. Oh, and we’ve dropped pins there for other plant types and fun gardening projects, too.

Supplies you’ll need:
Paper Riot Co. Heart Decal (we used Love Dimensional Wall Art Kit)
Large coffee mug
Gold Paint Pen

Here’s the paint pen we used (NOTE: this particular brand of marker is water resistant, so you can hand wash your mug in the sink!):

First, wash and dry the mug.

Next, adhere decal where you’d like it. NOTE: the Love is Family Jumbo & Gold Hearts Wall Decals include relatively larger heart shapes. The Faith, Bless, Family Wall Decals include smaller hearts. That’s what we used in our mug project.

Next, begin by applying gold dots along the outer edge of the decal very close together.

Next, apply gold dots again around the outer edge of the decal slightly more spaced apart than the previous outline of dots.

Continue to go around the decal, spacing decals slightly farther apart from each other each time you go around.

After you’ve placed all the dots to your liking, set mug aside and allow dots to dry.

Very carefully peel the decal up and discard.

At this point, you can either put your mugs out on display for the world to ooh and aah over, or if you’re planting a succulent in it, now’s the time! Be sure to follow succulent planting suggestions for materials and procedure for successful planting.

Totally fun, yes? Try this technique with other decal shapes and sizes, and with containers of varying colors and sizes.

Have fun!