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Quick DIY Project Idea: Gold Triangle Faux Wallpaper


Gold triangle faux wallpaper on a fresh white shiplap wall. Oh MY.

Note: triangle wall decals shown in this post are from the Paper Riot Co. Be You Jumbo Wall Decals Set (shown right). Also included in that set (along with gold arrows and fun, inspiring quote wall decals) are pink, blue and orange triangle wall decals for super colorful faux wallpaper!

This gorgeously fresh look is so easy, it’ll quite literally take you minutes to finish. Yes, for real. Unless, of course, you’re incredibly particular about spacial arrangement. In that case, it might take you a tad longer, but not much.

Get this: While we were prepping for this shot, I was peeling and sticking these fun metallic gold triangle wall decals up on the wall while our photographer was swapping out lenses and setting up her tripod. By the time she was ready to shoot, the wall decals were up on the wall and ready to be shot. Granted, given that I had the natural guidelines of the shiplap to use as my guide, it was relatively simple to place them easily, but it’s mega easy either way.

If you don’t have the luxury of instant guidelines due to a fab shiplap wall, a simple long level will do to ease your placement issues. Simply place your first triangle, then have a second person hold the level for you and place the second and so on. You can also get out a ruler or tape measure and evenly space them right down to the millimeter by marking off your spacing if you need to. We won’t judge. Even when you don’t, they still look totally groovy. Just stand back and gawk. If one is a little out of whack, just peel it and reapply it in the right spot. They’re totally repositionable. Easy peezy.

So now that you know how quick, easy and fab creating faux wallpaper is, where will you be sticking yours? 🙂

Huge thanks to Lea from Creekwoodhill and Jen from Paisley + Sparrow for your continued time & talents!