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12 Days of DIY Christmas Ideas: Day 4


A glistening Christmas tree decorated in sparkly ornaments and dimensional gold star ornaments? Yes, please. These little darlings are fabulous, and they’re incredibly easy to put together. Really! With just a handful of supplies plus this fab set of dimensional star decals available exclusively at Target, it’s the funnest.

Oh, and this would be a super project to make with the kiddos! Happy creating, happy decorating.

Supplies you’ll need:
Paper Riot Co. Starry Night Dimensional Decals
Scotch Tape

Step 1: Gather the materials you’ll need. Paper Riot Co 3-D Star Ornament Project Idea
Step 2: Remove stars from packaging.
Paper Riot Dimensional Gold Stars DecalsYou’ll notice that there’s a sweet set of peel and stick decals included in this collection, too. This will come in handy for decking the halls elsewhere after you’ve hung your 3-D ornaments on the tree.

Step 3: Trim away foam adhesive tabs from stars. Don’t be nervous. This step is necessary.
Paper Riot Co. Dimensional Star DIY Ornaments
Step 4: Fold stars along score lines as shown.
Paper Riot Co. Dimensional Gold Stars DIY Project Idea

You’ll end up with two totally cool dimensional stars like this:

Paper Riot Dimensional Gold Stars DIY Project Idea

Step 5: Cut a chunk of twine and knot the end. This will be your ornament hanger.
Paper Riot Co dimensional star ornament diy project idea

Step 6: Flip one star over and lay knotted end of twine chunk onto star.
Paper Riot Co dimensional star DIY ornament project idea

Step 7: Line second star up against first, sandwiching the piece of twine between the layers, then tape near each point with small pieces of tape. Paper Riot Co Dimensional star ornament DIY project idea

Step 8: Hang on the tree. 
Paper Riot 3-D star ornament DIY project idea

Step 9: Or, skip the ornament hanger bit and simply tuck these beauties in to your holiday decor. Either way, they’ll shine bright all holiday season.

Paper Riot Co Dimensional Stars DIY project idea