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12 Days of DIY Christmas Ideas: Day 3


Aah, fab decorative DIY holiday plates. Funky. Fun. Different. And the best part of this project is that it’ll take you about 5 minutes. Really.

To create this project, you’ll need:
Paper Riot Co. Ho Ho Ho Wall Decals
Square White Plates (available at Target – follow link to purchase)

Creating your own sweet holiday decor can be quick and inexpensive. The entire collection of 12 oversized decals is available at Target for under five bucks. In fact, we’ve got a whole line of affordable holiday decals available at Target that you’ll want to peek at, too. You’ll fall in holiday love.

Step 1: First, you’ll clean and dry the plates.
We recommend this to remove any dust or sticker goop that may be on the surface of the plates.

Step 2: Next, you’ll peel and stick the decals.
Choose the decal you’d like to place in the center of each plate, then gently peel away from sheet. Apply to center of plate, smoothing carefully with the edge of a credit card if bubbles form. If your OCD kicks in and you find yourself lamenting over a non-centered design, fear not. Gently peel up decal and reposition where you’d like it.

Step 3: Position plates for maximum visibility by holiday guests.
We recommend using plate hangers or stands to ensure they don’t slip, slide or fall and break. We also highly recommend highlighting the awesomeness of your designs by arranging white lights all around.

Step 4: Stand back and gawk.
Yes, you’ll want to stare. It’s perfectly normal. They’re beautiful. And you won’t believe you created something so fresh, fun and cool so fast.

Paper Riot Co. DIY Holiday Plates Idea

NOTE: Please don’t attempt to place food on plates containing decals. You certainly wouldn’t want to hide all that awesomeness, nor are the decals food safe. 

Happy holidays, and get your riot on!