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12 Days of Christmas DIY Ideas: Day 8


This old hope chest was gifted to me by my Mother-In-Law a few years ago. Because the surface of the chest was scratched and dinged up, I opted to roll with that look and give it a rustic finish. I primed and painted it white, then sanded it to accentuate the scuffs. It turned out to be one of my favorite pieces.

Because it houses blankets and extra bedding that I don’t need to access often, I also use this fun piece as a coffee table in my porch. With each season, I’ve always swapped out the decor that sits atop the piece, but this year I decided to add some sweet decor right on the front.

Supplies you’ll need:
Paper Riot Co. Woodsy Wall Decals
Paper Riot Co. Floral Wreath Dimensional Wall Decals
Scotch Tape

Step 1: First, you’ll pre-position the word design onto the piece.
Using a scissors, trim out the words and tape them onto the piece to determine positioning.

Paper Riot Co DIY Chest Project

Step 2: Next, you’ll peel word decals away from backing and apply.
Beginning at the far right, peel away the first section of decals and apply to piece. Continue applying decals, working right to left.

Step 3: Next, you’ll apply decorative decals to the piece.
Apply greenery pieces first, then apply flat flower decal. Finish by applying dimensional flowers to project.

Step 4: Lastly, add some lovely holiday decor to the top, then stand back and love.
Add decorative holiday pieces to the top of the chest and start dreaming up what you’ll swap on for decals when the next holiday rolls around. That’s the best part of Paper Riot Co Decals – since they’re removable, you can gently peel them off later and add new designs anytime you like.


NOTE: Due to the fact that the paint had been applied to this project years ago, decals may be safely applied and removed. We recommend that you allow at least a 21 day curing period between painting and applying decals to prevent surface damage.

We’ve shown you how we are applying a little riot to our holiday decor. How will you add some to yours?

Get Your Riot On!