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Quick DIY Project Ideas: Fabric-Wrapped Containers


Sometimes, it’s the quick & simple DIY projects that look the sweetest when they’re all done. Take a dressed-up spaghetti sauce jar, for instance. When you coat it with some glitzy metallic gold spray paint and wrap a simple band of adhesive fabric around it… bam. It’s become a beautiful little eucalyptus sprig container.

Or, consider the $2 thrift store holiday cream can decoration with the dated santa image on the front. Cover that scene right up with some glam, and make it useable all year long! Simply measure and cut a strip of adhesive fabric and stick it right on. It’ll take you minutes.

Ticking fabric pattern (shown left) and grey & white pattern (shown above) are from the Paper Riot Co. Urban Farmhouse Patterns Adhesive Fabric Collection.

NOTE: You’ll want to test a chunk of fabric over your design before you fully commit to adhering it, as the design may show through the fabric slightly. In this case, we recommend a quick coat of spray paint to cover the entire can first.

Why not dress up those plain baking ingredient canisters, too? A simple strip of fun fabric wrapped around clear glass containers looks adorable, no? Besides, your fancy mixer was likely getting lonely being the only baking accessory in the kitchen with mega style.

Patterned fabrics shown on canisters to the right is from the Paper Riot Co. Sunsoaked Patterns Adhesive Fabric collection, along with three other beautiful collections, is available at Michaels Stores.

NOTE: You’ll want to thoroughly clean and dry outside of canisters prior to adhering fabric.

While this set of bottles was pretty as it was, wrapping bands of fun nautical patterned adhesive fabrics around some of the bottles gave it a funky punch of color. And a fun nautical vibe, too.

NOTE: You’ll want to thoroughly clean and dry outside of bottles prior to adhering fabric.

Beautify one little container in your home, or sprinkle some pretty patterns into every room. It’s easy, and relatively addictive.

Each Paper Riot Co. Adhesive Fabric Collection includes three patterned sheets measuring 16″ x 20″, and are available at all Michaels Stores.

Happy DIY’ing!