Pink Watercolor Blooms – Better Than Paint

We know we shouldn’t play favorites, but… this is definitely one of ours! These watercolor blooms add a soft and sweet (yet dramatic) touch to any room. The larger flowers measure up to 17″  across so you definitely won’t be disappointed with their scale and impact.

Better Than Paint™ Art Transfers are a new technology of high-quality pigment that can be applied to just about any surface, giving the appearance of a hand painted design or mural.

They are so easy to use!  Simply stick the design on a wall or surface and use the applicator to rub on the design while removing the transfer paper. Once you’re finished, stand back to admire your new look!

Rather than dealing with dripping paint cans, wrinkled drop cloths and hours of work, Better Than Paint Art Transfers can be applied in minutes and without a disastrous mess. Simply put, it’s Better Than Paint!

  • Includes four 24” x 14.75” sheets and applicator
  • Features 11 beautiful flowers (4 large 13-17” diameter, 4 medium 10-12” diameter and 5 small 5-8” diameter) and 30 green leaves.

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