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DIY Project Idea: Rustic Wood Box


Every once in a blue moon, a person stumbles across a fun little crate like the one just below for just a buck somewhere. Most would pass it up or consider it firepit-worthy, but of course I drug it home.

DIY Crate Upcycle Project

I quickly realized that the dividers inside were completely out of whack, which left each compartment a different size. Clearly I’d need to improvise and use it upside down as a platform versus as a little crate to set fun things into.

Supplies you’ll need:
Paper Riot Follow Your Arrow Wall Decals
Palm Sander (or sheets of sandpaper for hand sanding)
Polycrylic Sealer (we recommend Rustoleum Clear Topcoat or Minwax Polycrylic Satin)
Paint Brush

Additional supplies you’ll need to complete this project:
3 highball glasses
Peacock (to fill bottom 1″ of glasses)
Dirt or potting soil
3 Small Succulent Plants
Spoon (to dig in the dirt, of course)

Step 1: First, you’ll need to prepare the surface of the crate.
Use a damp cloth to wipe away all dust and other goop from outside (and inside!) of crate, then allow to dry completely. Using palm sander or sheet of sandpaper, thoroughly sand large front and back surfaces of crate. Be sure to sand all edges of each side, too. That will just make it look the coolest.


Step 2: Next, you’ll need to seal the surface of the crate.
Using the clear topcoat, apply a medium layer of topcoat and allow to dry. Apply a second coat of sealer and, again, allow to dry.


Look at how rich that looks. Just look!

Step 3: Next, you’ll apply the decals.
Apply decals in criss-cross pattern as shown.

DIY Upcycled Crate Project

Step 4: Next, you’ll seal the decals on. (NOTE: if you do not wish to affix the decals permanently to this box, skip to Step 5).
Using paint brush and light strokes, apply two coats of sealer over decals, allowing to dry thoroughly between coats.**

Step 5: Next, you’ll prepare the plants to sit atop the crate (NOTE: if you do not wish to create glasses with plants in them, skip to Step 6).
For each glass, add a 1″ layer of pea rock to the bottom of the glass, then sprinkle dirt about half way to the rim of the glass. Push all the dirt toward the outside of the glass, then remove plant from the plastic pot and push it into the glass. Moosh (yes, that’s a word) the dirt around the plant roots, then finish filling to the rim with dirt.

Step 6: Flip crate and stack glasses on top. 
This part’s super easy. It’ll take you 10 seconds. Unless you’ve got massive OCD issues like I do. Then it’ll take you a few minutes.

DIY Upcycled Crate Project

Step 7: Lastly, you’ll stand back and love.
Really. This crate-for-a-buck project turned out pretty sweet. Enjoy!

**NOTE: When painting or repainting wood, we recommend waiting at least 21 days prior to adhering decals. Should you need to remove and reapply, decals may damage paint should they be removed prior to 21 day period.

Happy upcycling. Get Your Riot On!