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DIY Project Idea: 3 Trays for the Holiday Season


This is a guest post by Darcy Coulter of Sparkle in her Suitcase

Confession time: I’m mildly tray obsessed. I think I love them because they make me think of room service in fancy hotels, and, after all, I am a travel blogger. No matter the reason, I fill my house with trays. 

Need a place for remotes near the couch? There’s a tray for that. Throwing your keys on the counter when you get home? Nope, use a tray. Jewelry in a box? Not on my nightstand, you know I’m putting it on a little tray. 

So, when Paper Riot shared some fun Christmas decals with me, my first thought was that I have a lot of flat surfaces (that aren’t walls!) to stick them to. (Can you guess what they are?)

This holiday season, I’m adding a little something special to my serving trays. Check out my latest projects:

1. Accompany Your Breakfast in Bed with a Snowy Scene
Nothing says “stay cozy and warm in bed” like seeing snow out the window. Treat your boo (or yourself!) to a little extra time in bed by bringing the coffee or coco to them. I used the grey trees from the Winter Drive Wall Decals (available exclusively at Target) to create a little winter scene on my gold tray. I love how the grey makes the trees almost look like shadows, but use whatever color(s) inspires you most!


2. Add a Little Christmas Flair to Your Cocktail Service
Christmas, in my mind, means cocktails by the tree, and I added a little holiday flair to my reflective tray with a couple of spare decals left after building a wreath with the Woodsy Christmas Wall Decals. The gold pattern was already on my little tray, but I loved how the holiday decals complimented the wood on the tray for a cozy cabin feeling. Perfect with my plaid tree ribbon, it made for the cutest beverage tray for a holiday party!


3. Create a Glamorous Centerpiece for Christmas Dinner 
I got the idea to DIY a marble tray from Five Feet Small. I went to home depot and grabbed a marble tile from the bathroom department, and ordered a couple of drawer pulls online. A little industrial strength glue and we were in business. It was super easy and, in my opinion, turned out beautifully. I jazzed it up by adding the Enchanted Forest Wall Decals in a repeating pattern.paper-riot-3

Cutting the decals around the handles was a bit of a challenge, but I used a razor blade and did alright. They didn’t turn out perfect, but I tried not to stress about it too much. With a few candles on top, I think it makes for a perfect centerpiece for my table. paper-riot-4

Paper Riot decals fit in your home beyond just your walls. Where will you stick them?

Darcy Coulter is a content writer, journalist and the travel blogger behind Sparkle in her Suitcase. When she isn’t writing, she’s probably planning her next trip, or at least her next meal. She loves jalapeños, podcasts, and spending summer days on a Minnesota lake.