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12 Days of DIY Christmas Ideas: Day 12


Wallpaper. Ugh. For years, folks have been wrestling with the awkward mess that the goopy, drippy sheets have left behind. Yuck.

Enter Paper Riot Wall Decals – they fix the problem of gross wallpaper in a snap. Easy peel and stick designs go up in minutes (with a little measuring, or you can place them randomly) and come back down just as easily. And, if you need to move one of the designs, it’s no sweat. Gently peel and reapply. Swap out your designs every season, or every month if you like. No more fighting with rolls of wallpaper – hallelujah. Faux wallpaper is just the ticket.

Lots of our fans have been decorating their homes for the holidays, and the Enchanted Forest Decals have been wildly popular as a design choice. We’re loving every single one of them. Each of them stated there are just a few quick, easy steps to their designs. First, decide if you want a repeating pattern. Second, measure and lightly mark with a pencil where each design should go. And last, apply decals.

This lovely wall crafted by the talented Lea over at Creekwood Hill Homes is stunning – this photo is a view from the other direction of the staircase photo above. Love!

Paper Riot Co. Enchanted Forest Decals as DIY Faux Wallpaper

And this fun holiday backdrop wall by Tiffany at Arrows and Awe – love it too.

Paper Riot Co. Enchanted Forest Decals from Tiffany at  Arrows and Awe

And lastly, Jessica over at Jessica & Co. Vintage applied these lovely gold trees over a dark backdrop. It’s gorgeous!

Paper Riot Co Enchanted Forest Wall Decals as Faux Wallpaper

These ladies pulled off some sweet faux wallpaper treatments. Go on… don’t be afraid to try it yourself. We promise it’s easy. And we also promise you’ll love it.

Happy DIY’ing, and thank you for joining us for 12 days of DIY ideas. Look for more DIY ideas headed your way soon!