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12 Days of DIY Christmas Ideas: Day 10


Love to redecorate your home? Often? Like, for every single season of the year? So does Paper Riot Co. fan Leanne Bailey from Kentucky. She loves to decorate even inside her kitchen cabinets. Crazy? Nah. It’s easy, and our decals are incredibly priced, so she can swap these beauties out every.single.season with no strain on her budget.

Winter Drive Decals inside cabinet

Leanne fell in love with this set of decals, so they wound up in her shopping bag after a trip to Target. She just… dug them. Once home, she had a brilliant idea to remove the shelves from her open-style kitchen cabinet and apply Winter Drive Decals available exclusively at Target to the back of the cabinet. We love this idea! After the season is over, there’s a good chance she’ll remove these decals and replace them with updated ones for the season. She’s kind of like the Martha Stewart of her area.

Alternately, with solid or glass-front cabinets, you could simply apply decals directly to the fronts of the cabinets. Gently peel decals off cabinets when you wish to remove. Easy peezy!

We’ve shared several of Leanne’s completely fab designs using our decals over on our Instagram account – be sure to look us up (search paperriotco on mobile) and follow along. So many great ideas pour in – and we promise to share them all!

Where will you use your decals in an unconventional way? We’d LOVE to know. We totally dig that kind of thing.

Get Your Riot On. Happy holidays!