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Quick DIY Idea: Decorating School Supplies with Wall Decals


Well, it’s that time of year again! The time parents love, and most kids dread. Back to the daily grind of early bedtimes, early wake times and homework pretty much every night.

Some kiddos have already boarded the bus and are back into the groove already. Some are headed back just after the big weekend. Whichever of those two scenarios your family falls into, we’ve got a fun idea we hope you’ll totally dig. The kids will love the craftiness, they’ll be proud to share their creations in the classroom and you’ll love the low cost. And now on to the fun!

Paper Riot Co. Wall Decals are known for their super quick and easy applications on walls to make rooms look fun or fancy in a snap. Many people don’t realize there are tons (really, tons!) of other places they can be used. In this post, we’ll show you how to dress up those school supplies with some peel and stick magic. It’s a fun family activity the kids can pretty much manage all on their own, and virtually zero mess. And, with loads of fun decal designs to choose from, the kiddos’ school supplies will shine with their favorites.



Dressing up school supplies with wall decals is such a great way to make their school days a little brighter, and definitely more fun. Stick them on folders, notebooks, lunch boxes, pencil cases, water bottles or even send some along to school spiff up a boring locker.

And, when it comes time for teacher gifts, a pack of decals for the classroom is always a fun idea!

Make a fun weekend activity out of decorating with decals, however you choose to use them. And when the fun is all done and you’ve got some leftover decals, stick them around the house. On mirrors, walls, doors, or even on the fridge. We promise… the kids will love it. Happy decorating!