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Quick Project Idea: Promote Confidence


As a mom of two young daughters, I feel a strong responsibility to promote self-love, body positivity and freedom to be themselves unapologetically. I want my girls to grow up confident and proud of who they are. What better way to spread the word than with a fun message right outside of their bedroom doors?

The corner of our house where our bedrooms all meet is mostly devoid of natural light, thanks partly to its location in the house and partly because curtains keep our rooms nice and dark to encourage good sleep. I wanted to brighten up the space a bit, and put up something that would be encouraging and fun for my daughters.

Thanks to the Be-You-Tiful Wall Decals and Be You Wall Decals decal sets, this project was easy to put together in a flash, even with two little kids running through and trying to swipe everything.

First, I taped up my design and let it sit for a few days to make sure I was set on it. I adjusted a few things here and there before I was ready to commit. The good thing is that even when you do stick down the decals, they are completely removable if you change your mind!

arranged decals

My little “helper” getting into the shot!

taping decals  perfecting placement

Next, I started peeling off the triangles and positioning them in different angles to frame the words.Once I got to the words, I started with the middle one so I could make sure it was centered. Then I worked my way to the top, and finished with the bottom. The cursive words were a little trickier to apply, but overall, the decals are extremely easy to use.

To ensure I had good sticking power and air bubbles were removed, I rubbed everything with the edge of a credit card.

smoothing out air bubbles

Voila! A fun, colorful message that we can all see every day!

Be Bold Brave You

be brave decals