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DIY Home Decor Idea: Oodles of Ways to use Arrow Wall Decals in Home Decor


Want to pop some cool, funky fun into your home decor in minutes? Cool. With super quick peel and stick Follow Your Arrow Wall Decals, the design possibilities are pretty much endless. And, they’re removable and easy to reposition, so there’s no fear of commitment with these cuties.

This sweet little playbook is loaded up with 60 arrow decals, and it’s just 5 bucks. Yes, just 5 bucks! You’ll find it in Target stores or on

We’ve collected up some of our favorite DIY home decor ideas featuring these totally fun arrow wall decals and we can’t wait to share. On with the ideas!

Pop wall decals up in unexpected places, like stair risers or in the kitchen on a canister.


Give your bathroom or living room decor a quick punch of fun when you add some criss-crossed arrows up on the wall. Don’t get them placed perfectly the first time? No sweat. Just gently peel and reposition.


Plants are everywhere. Like, all over the place in home decor. They’re beautiful, and they add that perfect punch of color in your decor. Why not add just a little more fun? Pop an arrow or two (or six!) onto your favorite plant container.


With the recent rise in popularity of wallpaper, wall decals can give you the polished look of full-wall wallpaper without the fear of commitment. Or the headache of that drippy paste! They’re perfect for just about any room in your home, too.

Try them on a wall in your teen’s bedroom. We may not be able to assist with the stuff strewn all around the room, but the wall decals will always stay nice and tidy. At least until they change their mind and decide to slather their walls with posters instead.

Try them in a book nook, sitting room, the den or even in your office. Just an accent wall, on two walls or all around the room. However you choose to use them, they’ll look fab.

In baby’s nursery? Oh my, yes. The possibilities of cuteness overload here are endless. Up on the wall, on a dresser, framed on the wall… anywhere.

And finally… if you’re looking to get crafty, try decals as painting stencils. You’ll love the permanence of the design without the worry of the decals being removed by curious littles or excessive handling.

These dresser drawers were first painted black and allowed to thoroughly dry, then decals were applied and a fresh coat of white was applied over. Decals were removed immediately, and after drying, the whole surface was sanded for a distressed look. We love, love this one.

There are quite literally hundreds and hundreds of ways to use arrow wall decals in home decor. We hope we’ve inspired you to think outside the box when planning your next DIY home decor venture.