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Paper Riot featured on Designing Spaces!


We’re trying not to let it go to our heads, but we simply can’t stop talking about it!

The producers at Designing Spaces, a home improvement show on the Lifetime Channel, spotted our Better Than Paint™ Art Transfers online and asked us to help them do a DIY make-over on their show! Before we could catch our breath, we were boarding a plane and flying to their set location to begin a whirlwind filming experience.

Here is a peak behind the scenes:

On the day of filming, we arrived at the set around 8 a.m. Kelly was whisked away to wardrobe, hair and make-up while the Production Assistants briskly prepped the remaining details of the day (I wish I had someone to professionally do my make-up every day. I could definitely get used to that!)

Practically upon the last stroke of mascara, the film crew finished setting up a complex wall of cameras, lighting equipment, hanging microphones, umbrellas, reflectors and other film ‘stuff’ we’d never seen before. The floor was a spaghetti mix of cords and tripods!

And then we started filming. And filming. And filming! At first, it was a little intimidating, but the interviewer quickly made us feel right at home. Kelly was a true natural on screen!

We did plenty of re-takes and it was often hard to remember to be ‘quiet on the set!’ while filming (even the adorable daughter had to wait outside from time to time!)

The day flew by as we completed make-overs for three different rooms.


Before we knew it (about 10 hours later), the director called ‘that’s a wrap!’ and we had completed the day. Everyone moved into clean-up mode, wrapping cords, folding tripods and hauling equipment. We were exhausted!

And then- finally!- we all shared a celebratory glass of wine.

Check out the video to see the final transformation. Designing Spaces on Lifetime We think it looks… Better Than Paint!

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