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Ikea Hack – Kids Reading Nook

It is amazing how quickly kids move through phases. On one day, they need to collect every Paw Patrol character imaginable. Then, they move onto building a vast collection of Shopkins (at least they are small!) Then, it’s L. O. … View More

DIY Home Decor Ideas

How to organize wall art in your home

When you get it right, adding the right wall art to a room can provide that elusive finishing touch that pulls a whole scheme together. If you’re a novice with wall art or you never quite feel that you’re getting … View More

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Kids DIY Kawaii Placemats

As a mom of young kids, I’m always looking for simple crafting activities to keep little hands busy, but aren’t complicated for me to pull together. One recent project that fit this on all counts AND kept my daughter busy … View More

Giving Back

Urban Roots Volunteer Event

Humble brag alert! We here at Paper Riot Co. are all about giving back. A few times every year, Paper Riot, along with our sister company, Cadence Packaging Group (Haven’t heard of ‘em? You should check it out! Cadence Packaging … View More


Add a Burst of Happiness to your Day

We are so lucky (and sometimes unlucky) that Paper Riot Co. is based out of Minneapolis, MN.  This means our ‘springtime’ often takes us on a wild journey ranging from cruel snowstorms to extreme heat.  Less than a month ago, … View More

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6 Easy Ways to Add Gold to Your Home

Gold is a fantastic color to add to your house décor. Here are some ways to add it into your modern home. 1. Accent pieces – Vases, frames, candle holder If you are looking to start small, a nice gold … View More

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Grilled Cheese Dessert – Surprise – It’s Cake!

Coming from Wisconsin I love cheese! Grilled cheese being one of my top ten favorite foods. For one of our many birthday potlucks we chose to do a grilled cheese theme. Melodie (one of our designers) brought these little pound … View More

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NEW – Lettuce Wrap

We are thrilled to announce our new, green wrapping line Lettuce Wrap. It is compostable, biodegradable, edible, fresh, and crunchy! We have also created a line of gift add-ons to accompany the wrap. Featured is our carrot pommed red cabbage … View More


Pantone Potluck

To celebrate all of our March birthdays we had a Pantone Potluck! What is a Pantone Potluck you ask? Our design team uses Pantone colors to make sure that our designs and product correctly portray current trends and have color … View More

DIY Project Ideas

DIY Kawaii Clock

  Another way to use our cutest and tastiest playbook to decorate your house! Personalize it your way with all the different foods and shapes plus a ton of multi colored dots.   Supplies:   Clock center Kawaii Decals … View More

Valentines Day Ideas

Donut Bouquet

Looking for a delicious way to show your Valentine (or Galentine) how much you love them? Here are the details on a cute way to put your giftee into a sugar coma.   Supplies Needed: Vase/Jar Floral foam 6 Bamboo … View More

Valentines Day Ideas

Dinosaur Pushpin Valentine

Happy February! With Valentine’s Day coming up I wanted to share an easy, fun, giftable card. Here are the directions for making the gold dinosaur pushpin card and the download link for the two card formats is below. Supplies Needed: … View More

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Merry Christmas Upcycled Window Idea

As I mentioned in a previous (ABC Nursery Window) post, I love old windows. I could have a thousand of them and still drag “just one more” home. Every.single.time. There’s always potential for a fun DIY window project, ya know? They’re the openings … View More

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DIY Upcycled Countdown to Christmas Spool Clock

Bam. Just like that, the holiday season is upon us. And who doesn’t love to count down the days until Christmas Eve arrives? This upcycled industrial spool top makes the perfect backdrop for this fun DIY Christmas Countdown calendar. And the … View More

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Quick DIY Idea: Decorate your Workspace with Wall Decals

Spending hours and hours in the same workspace day after day can get to be a drag – even if you love your job. You could get lucky and have an office space where the environment has been spiffed up … View More

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DIY Project Idea: DIY Wall Art with Wall Decals

Paper Riot Co. Wall Decals are the perfect solution for quick and easy home decor transformations. Just peel and stick for a sweet new look. In literally minutes. Whether you go with simple repeated patterns like gold feathers or dots or … View More

DIY Home Decor Ideas, Quick project ideas

Quick DIY Idea: Mix & Match Decal Sets for Fun!

Sometimes the perfect set of wall decals for your next big home decorating idea doesn’t necessarily all come pre-packaged all together. And sometimes, you’ve used parts and pieces from some sets and have leftover from multiple sets. That’s perfect! It’s super easy … View More

Quick project ideas

Quick DIY Idea: Decorating School Supplies with Wall Decals

Well, it’s that time of year again! The time parents love, and most kids dread. Back to the daily grind of early bedtimes, early wake times and homework pretty much every night. Some kiddos have already boarded the bus and … View More

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Quick DIY Project: Add Charm to a Girly Bedroom Design

Creating or finding the perfect piece of furniture like this adorable vanity is always fun. What’s even more fun is when you find a charming way to dress it up and make it just a little more whimsy. And we’ve done … View More

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DIY Home Decor Idea: Oodles of Ways to use Arrow Wall Decals in Home Decor

Want to pop some cool, funky fun into your home decor in minutes? Cool. With super quick peel and stick Follow Your Arrow Wall Decals, the design possibilities are pretty much endless. And, they’re removable and easy to reposition, so there’s no … View More

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Quick Organization Idea: Pretty Chalkboard Grocery List

Shopping lists are amazing. When you remember to bring them with you to the store, that is. And then to figure out where in your purse it’s buried itself in your purse… yeah, not ideal. Enter the fun Paper Riot … View More

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Quick DIY Project Ideas: Fabric-Wrapped Containers

Sometimes, it’s the quick & simple DIY projects that look the sweetest when they’re all done. Take a dressed-up spaghetti sauce jar, for instance. When you coat it with some glitzy metallic gold spray paint and wrap a simple band of … View More

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DIY Project Idea: Nautical Window Decor

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve got a thing for old windows. Usually, they can be turned into the coolest pieces of home decor on the planet. And this project is no exception. Wouldn’t it be sweet displayed snugly on the … View More

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Quick DIY Project Idea: Framed Wall Art

Usually, lovely framed wall art costs a fortune. But it totally doesn’t need to. A while ago, I was browsing around a thrift store and stumbled across this fun white distressed oak frame for three bucks. –> THREE BUCKS! It … View More